Halo Top Ice Cream Ads – Just For Adults

Halo Top Ice Cream Ads

03/07/2019 • Ads

Watch these four Halo Top ice cream ads right now. If you have any sense of humour and love ice cream you will love them, oh, you’ll also need to be an adult. Enjoy!

I just discovered these four Halo Top ice cream ads. I don’t know if I ever have fallen as quickly in love with a set of ads as these ones, probably but I have forgotten all about that by now. For more great ads check out my full collection here.

So what’s so great about these ads? They are ice cream ads for adults and when you’re an adult you deserve ice cream in a little bit different way than when you’re a child. The four ads that you can all watch here below has the same theme. One, two or a few children walk up to a Halo Top ice cream truck and wants to get some ice cream.

The adult and cynical ice cream man simply explains to the children why they don’t deserve ice cream and then shows an example on a customer who does.

Simple, funny and brilliant. Now watch and then agree with me, you just have to love these Halo Top ice cream ads.

The first ad tells the truth about love, and it is not beautiful or ends happily.
What is a mortgage? Don’t ask this guy.
Want to make partner at work? You will need ice cream to get you there.
Swipe it, just swipe it.

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