Heineken Zoonder Pop-Up

heineken tel aviv

In the recent launch of a Heineken City special edition in Tel Aviv Israeli ad agency Allenby created the Heineken Sous Vide Lab. The Heineken Sous Vide Lab was run by the Israeli chef Zoonder Lachnish and was set inside a delicatessen which transformed into a pop up restaurant twice a week.

The Heineken Zoonder restaurant served a ten course meal for only twelve people at the time. All the food was cooked in a food truck that was parked outside the delicatessen and besides making a highly modern ten course dinner they also cooked and sold different vegetables that people who were passing by could buy and enjoy at home.

In the video you’ll get to see the delicatessen, some of the food that was served (including a super cool Lego inspired dish) and some of the thoughts about the project from Allenby and Zoonder Lachnish, Zoonder Lachnish is also worth checking out on Instagram.


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