Heinz Adorable Hot Dog Commercial for Super Bowl 50

Watch Heinz adorable hot dog commercial for Super Bowl 50.

The commercials for Super Bowl 50 are starting to be released, the latest one is this Heinz Hot Dog Commercial with well, Hot Dogs.

And no the commercial is not for Hot Dogs but for their best friends ketchup and mustard. In the commercial which comes in a 30 second version and a 1 minute one an army of dogs dressed at hot dogs are storming at their condiments. The condiments are humans dressed out as ketchup and mustard, Halloween style.

The logic behind this commercial makes absolutely no sense at all. In the commercial the dogs happily jump into the laps of the humans and that is where the commercial ends. We can’t help but to ask ourselves. What would happen if they kept going. Are they suppose to eat the dogs?

Let’s just say that we are looking forward to the one and a half minute version.

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