History of the Hamburger

hamburger meat

Do you want to know about the history of the Hamburger? Well you’re in luck, National Geographic have made a clip just for you where they give you the full but brief history of the hamburger in no less than two minutes and eleven seconds.

From storing meat under the horse saddles in the Genghis Khan era in Mongolia to becoming a Steak Tartare in Russia and then migrating to Germany and of course Hamburg. Well that’s not all, watch the video to get the full story on the Hamburger.

The clip is a part of National Geographics series Eat: The Story of Food that have been airing during this fall and winter. Luckily they have built a great site with many clips that besides giving us the Hamburger history also have clips on the magic of beer, the Cronut and lots and lots of more.

To take a look at National Geographics great site just head over here.

Home made hamburger on cutting board

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