How Cranberries Grow – Learn it all in this video

Ever wondered how cranberries grow? Turns out it’s quite a cool process, both the actual growing but the harvest is just as cool. Learn it all in this great video.

Time to learn how cranberries grow. Cranberries is one of the few native crops from America and if you are American it is most likely that you’ve eaten them at thanksgiving. That is when one fifth of all cranberries are consumed, as the main ingredient in cranberry sauce. If you are not American you are more likely to have consumed a majority of your cranberries in combination with loud music, vodka and ice. But who’s judging right?

If you’ve ever seen any videos or photos from a cranberry farm before you know it looks cool. It is an insane amount of cranberries that are floating and being pushed by a bunch of people. But what is all that water for and how does this stuff actually work? Well you have to actually watch the video to find out but we can promise you that it is a fascinating way to grow a crop.

And the farm this film is shot at is one of Ocean Sprays farms which means that this is one of the farms that make your Vodka cranberry complete on the weekends.

The how does it grow videos have been shown here at Ateriet before so if you’re a fan of watching food production videos then you should check out them as well. Chances that you do seems probable since you’re still reading.

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