How rice paper is made

making rice paper

I’ve used rice paper many times but never really thought much about on how rice paper is made. This video shows how it is done in a semi industrial way, I must say it look pretty cool. The dough looks almost scary slimy but the speed and technique is absolutely stunning.

Rice paper is a edible sort of paper used for mainly Vietnamese wraps or rolls. The paper is made from rice flour but could also include other types of starch like tapioca. There are a few different production methods, they can be made like in the video but also steamed and dried in bigger machines or even sun dried. Most exported rice paper are produced in big factories.

Most common way to eat rice paper is to dip the paper i hot water until it goes soft and then fill it with vegetables, meat and sauces and eat right away with your hands. Usually dipping sauces are served on the side. You can also make rolls some time ahead and serve buffet style.

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