How to cook Mexican Food – Learn it from Old El Paso

10/27/2015 • Ads

Trusting one of the biggest suppliers of Tex-Mex ingredients in England on how to cook Mexican Food sound like a bad idea at first. But in these two 5-minute commercials that was put out a while back from Old El Paso is really great. Watch and enjoy and learn a thing or two on how to cook Mexican Food.

Ok, this is the setup for these commercials. Old El Paso are taking two British persons who are passionate about food to Mexico to learn how to cook Mexican Food. One fisherman and one butcher. They get taken to Mexico and learning how to cook and eat some of the Mexican food.

The reason for this is that Old El Paso are launching a new line of products targeted for restaurants. What is great about these commercial besides that everything is looking absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to go to Mexico is that the only sign of this even being a commercial is a few seconds at the end.

There Old El Paso just shows that they have a new range of products available for restaurants that have been inspired by the regions of Mexico. Well done Old El Paso, now watch and enjoy.

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