How to Dad – greatest cereal commercial ever

how to dad commercial

How to Dad is the name for this great series of commercials for Peanut Butter Cheerios, after watching these I’m never eating any other cereal.

Kind of missed this during the summer but General Mills launched a how to dad commercial and a small campaign that set a new standard for how Dads are portrayed in commercials. In this commercial for Peanut Butter Cheerios this dad sets a new standard that hopefully will inspire others to stop portraying dads like helpless assholes that only are interested in sports.

How to dad was also a hashtag that at the time for the campaign was used in appreciation or debating the commercial and an Tumblr page was setup that i recommend if you want to take a look at some cool dad photos.

As a little bonus General Mills also added these shorts that are simply hilarious, make sure you watch them all, and by doing so you will also now How To Dad!

Update: These clips have since been removed from Youtube and thereby also here. To bad since they were great.

Oh, you can also check out the #HowToDad tag on Twitter.





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