How to make carbonated fruit with dry ice

First time you’ve got a carbonator for soft drinks at home? Remember how you tried to carbonate everything like milk, wine, lemonade? Well the people at ChefSteps just took carbonation to the next level and made this video on how to make carbonated fruit with dry ice.

Yes apparently you can carbonate fresh fruits using only a few simple things. All you need is a cooler, some dry ice, fresh fruit and 12-14 hours to spare. In the video above you can see how the whole thing is being made and I’m telling you right now, I am so doing this as soon as I get my hands on some dry ice. Because I’ve just learned how to make carbonated fruit with dry ice.

Also in the video ChefSteps asks us to take a look at another of their videos where they show how you can make soft serve ice cream using only dry ice. That is also a great video, we’ve even posted it here before and you can watch it below.