How to make Smashed Peas on Toast – Try this Recipe

How to make smashed peas

Learn how to make Smashed peas on toast, a very simple but great tasting vegetarian appetizer.

This is a great tapas for any summer occasion, very easy to do and you’ll be surprised at how many who haven’t tried it. If you can get a hold of fresh peas that´s great but frozen peas are one of the true heroes of any freezer and work just as good. Fresh mint is, however, a must.

Smashed peas with mint on toast

serves 2 as an appetizer

150g / 5 oz peas
1 + 1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp olive oil
salt, pepper
fresh mint
2 slices white bread

Bring water to boil with some salt, when boiling add the peas and simmer for about a minute, discard the water, add a tablespoon of butter and the olive oil and blend the peas with a few leafs of mint for a couple of seconds. You don’t want the peas to be too finely blended. A few whole peas are fine and make the texture more interesting. Season the purĂ© with salt and pepper.

Cut away any edges of the bread and fry in a pan with the remaining butter until golden on both sides. Serve the warm smashed peas on the toast.

How to make smashed peas

Other serving tips for smashed peas

Smashed peas is a great and simple side to make and serve for other dishes as well. It is a great side for steamed or grilled fish. You can of course also use other herbs to season it if mint is not your favorite. Chives and parsley work great.

How to make smashed peas

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