How To Sear Scallops Video

Learn how to sear scallops in this video from Austin chef André.

Scallops is an amazing ingredient. With a sweet and rich seafood flavour and a texture that really can’t measure up to much else it is a great ingredient that you should cook as often as you can. Now you can use scallops in many ways, fill raviolis, serve like sashimi or sushi or maybe grill them.

But searing scallops is one of the best tasting and one of the simplest way to use scallops and it’s not that hard either. Luckily for all of us Austin chef AndrĂ© have made this short and simple video on how to sear scallops. Just follow his instructions and it will go great.

One tip that is not in this video is that you should also have a taste at that butter left in the pan, it usually tastes great. André have made other instructional videos that you should have a look at here, they are all short, simple and easy to follow.

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