Inhale alcohol with the Vaportini

inhale alcohol vaportini

Inhale alcohol? Yes that is what the creators behind the Vaportini want us to do. They have come up with a way to inhale alcohol that will let you feel the flavor of any spirit without any of it being swallowed.

Besides letting you skip the actual drinking you will also miss out on the carbs and calories that comes with that saturday afternoon vodka. According to Vaportini any spirit that is between 60 to 100 proof works but the more flavorful spirits you choose to inhale the better, their recommendation are bourbon, gin, flavored vodka or tequila. It does not work with beer or wine. But seriously who want to not drink a cold beer or a glass of good wine?

The Vaportini is used by adding a bit of spirit in the globe and letting in gently get warmed up by the candle below. In a few minutes you have everything you need to inhale alcohol.

The Vaportini are available online here. Personally I’ll keep to getting my hangovers the old fashioned way, you know by ordering a full tray of shots ten minutes before closing…


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