Jammy Yummy Jam

jam label design

Jammy Yummy Jam is a range of vegetable jams from the company Jammy Yummy based in Miami. I have not been able to taste these beautifully designed jars of jam just yet but hopefully I will be in the near future.

The idea is gourmet jams with unusual but tasty and locally sourced vegetables, examples of flavors are tomato, red pepper, caramelized onion and jalapeno, sound pretty good to me and they sound like they would work especially good with some good cheese.

Besides being filled with flavor the design of the label with bright colors are a bit untraditional in the jam world but it looks great. Jammy Yummy have also had the good taste of letting the colors and punctured holes in the design be used in their business cards as well, clever.

To read more about Jammy Yummy head over to their site or the nearest Whole Foods Market where the jams should be available (if not sold out).

Jammy Yummy Business cards


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