Japanese Iced Coffee – a short How To Video by James Mann

We found this video on how to make Japanese Iced Coffee by James Mann on Camera Experiment.

James discovered this coffee in the Garden District in New Orleans and have been talking about it ever since. Luckily he decided to make this great video which will make you crave Japanese Iced Coffee. For more great videos please check out the other videos by Camera Experiment.

Below you can find the recipe for the Japanese Iced Coffee (from James Mann)

Japanese Iced Coffee

– Use 15 – 18 grams (one tablespoon is about 7 grams) of coffee per serving.
– Use about 80 grams of ice (or a small handful) per serving.
– Use about 170 grams of water (or about 3/4 of a cup) per serving.

Heat the water up to a boil and let it sit for about 30 seconds. Grind the coffee to a medium fine consistency. Drop the ice into the brewing vessel. Place the filter into the brewer. Dump the ground coffee into the filter. Pour just enough water to cover the grounds. Let it rest for about 45 seconds. Slowly pour the remaining water over the grounds. Most of the ice will melt by the time the last drops fall from the filter. Give the brewing vessel a few good swirls to evenly distribute the water and melt the residual ice. Pour the brewed coffee into a glass with ice and enjoy!

Video Credits:

Hands: Vivian Dominguez
Original Music: Sasha Smith
Photography and Editing: Camera Experiment


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