Famous buildings made of Jello

white house made of jello

Making Jello buildings could be fun and I’m sure we all tried it sometime, artist Liz Hickok took it to another level. She creates entire cities and famous buildings like The White House out of Jello.

She casts scale models of different landmarks and use them to create jello buildings. Then she lights them and bring them to life using video and photography. The shape of the Jello makes the buildings look very weird in a cool way.

Since Jello are meant to be eaten and not to construct Jello buildings they only last for a few weeks so the photos and videos are the only proof they ever existed. Something that could be applied to us humans as well.

Below you can take a look at some of Liz Hickok videos of the Jello building projects but make sure you visit her homepage for more great stuff.

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