Watch Joe Flacco Save The Super Bowl with Pepsi & Tostitos

Watch Joe Flacco save the Super Bowl party from party poopers, all he need is some help from Pepsi and Tostitos.

Now you can watch Joe Flacco save the Super Bowl party from party poopers. They are the biggest threat to a great Super Bowl party and you don’t want them around. Luckily Pepsi have teamed up with Tostitos and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

Together they will help us all to a great Super Bowl party and show us how to make sure no party poopers ruin anything.

The Video

The video starts off in a very serious way where quarterback and former party pooper Joe Flacco addresses us about something serious. The risk of party poopers ruining your Super Bowl party.

Then we get to see some party pooping moments, all while sad piano music plays in the background. Then Joe presents us with the answer, Pepsi and Tostitos. We even get to see some examples on how Joe himself stopped getting invited to parties. He “touched people’s faces too much” and “ruined someone’s birthday”.

But now thanks to Pepsi, Tostitos and an amazing haircut Joe is now an elite party guest. So you see, Joe Flacco can save the Super Bowl party.

When Joe Flacco was a party pooper

This video is a follow up to a 2015 video also from Pepsi and Tostitos where Joe is a party pooper. In it he gets professional help from Pepsi and Tostitos. The video was a big hit when it came out and this follow up now is just perfect.

Hopefully there’s even more coming in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl 51 which is held on the 5th of February 2017 in NRG Stadium in Houston Texas.