These Koff Beer Ads Are So Weird, But Fun

04/07/2018 • Ads

You do need to watch these Koff Beer Ads. They show us the new non-alcoholic Koff Beer and how that can be consumed where beer isn’t usually served.

Non-alcoholic beer is a category that is growing fast, Koff Beer has joined most other beer brands who are already are pushing their non-alcohol brews with what they can. Koff made two different beer ads. I guess you can say that the drinkers in these two short films take full advantage of the fact that this is non-alcoholic beer. Let’s check them out.

Non-alcoholic Koff Beer Ads

Usually, when beer makers are trying to sell non-alcoholic beer they talk all about how the beer is just as good as the regular alcoholic versions. We all know that’s not true.

I know that non-alcoholic beer used to be terrible and I love that there is an option available if you don’t want to sip soda for a full night when you want to head out with friends but not pay the price the day after. But it’s not a real beer to me.

Koff took full advantage of the fact that its non-alcoholic in their new ads. Just listen to the short version of each of them. In the first that you can see on top of this post, a man opens up a beer in the middle of being yelled at by his boss.

In the second a woman sits down on the sofa for breakfast with a cold one. All to the amazement of the people around them.

What I like about these ads

Like mentioned this is a tough market and everyone is trying to get a piece of it. Numerous brand already talked about the taste, so now comes the time where you need to get talked about at all. How do you do that? Make something crazy.

Koff did just that with these ads, they are weird but we are talking about them right?

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