Learning Latte Art with Chefsteps

Does it piss you off when you get that perfect cute little heart in you latte or do you get jealous and secretly wishing you could make those hearts as well? Jealous, right?

Great, Chefsteps have made a few videos that will teach you the basics of making a great latte, from steaming milk to pouring steamed milk the way you wish you could.

The video on top is a great basic tutorial on what techniques you need to practice to start impressing the ladies with your latte art (or dudes of course), and below are the basics of steaming milk and making the actual latte, cause what good is a cute heart in coffee if it doesn’t taste good?

If Chefsteps seems familiar it could be because we’ve written about them before here at ateriet, that time on their great school of espresso that you can take a look at here.

They also have a great website with loads of cooking techniques, recipes and other stuff, highly recommended.

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