LeBron James Will Never Tell You To Drink Sprite

LeBron James will never tell you to drink Sprite in this new ad for Sprite.  But he might consider asking, Do you want a Sprite?

In this fun new ad LeBron James will never tell you to drink Sprite, but he might ask you if you want one. This ad was released by Sprite just a few days in is the latest of campaign together with Basketballs number one player LeBron James.

The ad is set in what is suppose to look like LeBrons home where he is hanging around in the kitchen not telling you to drink Sprite. Even though we get a glimpse of the production crew holding up a sign that says Drink Sprite.

After that he walks around his house telling you that he will never tell you to drink Sprite.  Then he goes to some kind of ice cave packed with Sprite and keep explaining how drinking Sprite is our choice. It’s not LeBron who decides when and why we drink Sprite.

By the end LeBron explains that he will never tell you to drink Sprite, but he will ask. Do you want a Sprite?

The last few seconds of the ad is the highlight. Here all the people in the ad takes a sip and sings a refreshing aaaaahhhh with plenty of autotune. Slightly weird, very funny.

The campaign comes in the full version that you can see on top and a few shorter versions and one behind the scenes video.

About LeBron James

Also if you have no clue who LeBron James is it’s safe to say that he is the number one star in the World of basketball. Then new Michael Jordan if you will. Besides being great at his sport he have been flirting with acting before and has a rather big role in the movie Trainwreck from 2015 as himself.

You can watch a clip from the movie below as well where he is trying to get comedian Bill Hader to come to Cleveland. Enjoy.

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