Let’s take an extra second by Coca-Cola

05/20/2015 • Ads

Coca-Cola have created a series of commercials with the theme “Let’s take an extra second” where people gets their opinions of strangers challenged.

In these ads that you can watch below Coca-Cola together with the Spanish ad agency The Cyranos McCann have created this series of commercials. The first and longest one (on top) puts a number of people in a room who gets to look at a number of photographs of people and then guess what they do and who they are.

After the guessing is over the guessers gets to met the persons in real life and of course their guesses couldn’t be more wrong. A clever way to question our prejudice thoughts and think some more before judging our fellow humans or as Coca-Cola says themselves: “Let’s take an extra second”.

The rest of the films in the series are shorter but based on the same idea, watch them below and if you are in to Coke the check out all of our Coca-Cola coverage here at ateriet.

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