Live Fish Pack – Might not be the greatest idea

Live fish pack is a prank where consumers are being tricked into believing there is an live fish pack, you know a fish alive inside a box. Maybe not the greatest idea for how to sell fish, or am I wrong?

Live fish pack. That was the idea for this Polish fish company Mila. They rigged a few of their boxes of frozen fish with some electronics to make it move and behave like a fish when consumers were about to pick up a pack of fish. The prank was carried out with the three of the types of fish marketed by Mila, tilapia, mackerel and dorada. There was also a website set up where people could go in and watch when people passed by and the people watching could activate the “live” fish.

Now this all sounds like a fun prank but if I myself were in charge of marketing at Mila I would never sign off on a idea like this. In my experience people don’t want to be reminded where stuff comes from, they just want to eat or use it. I’m guessing that Mila will get a lot of attention for this idea. But will it increase sales?

Picture this, the next time you go in for a piece of pancetta the sound of a screaming pig will sound as soon as you pick up the package. Will this make you plan dinner or put back the pancetta? I would make other dinner plans. I’m not judging, I think you should know where stuff comes from and I always believed that if you’re gonna eat meat or fish you should be prepared to kill it yourself. Great for a moral compass but when it comes to selling products I don’t think that it’s such a great idea.

Now I don’t think I’m the only one with this opinion, as a great example you can watch this ad below where PETA in Asia made a commercial where consumers gets a surprise when opening up a leather bag. Their message is for people to remember where leather comes from, now that far from an box of fish that’s moving around is it?

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