Maille Memories Commercial

05/28/2015 • Ads

The French mustard company Maille have created an ad for mustard that takes place at the table and the moments we share and create when we eat and enjoy each others company.

This commercial for the French mustard company Maille have just been released. It takes place at the dinner table, or at the dinner table after someone just had an amazing meal. The story is the table, or as they put it themselves, the place where all stories begin. Read Maille’s and DDB Paris own description of the idea below.

“The Table. The place where all stories begin. This is a film about all the moments we create together around the table, the countless stories that start when we are together and all the memories that we share. Because when the meal is over, the memories begin. The memories that bind us. The memories that will remain.
No matter who you are, king or thief, take a seat.”

We really like this commercial, not only does it look great and make you want to have a French themed dinner with friends as soon as possible. They don’t force any messages or try to tell us how great their mustard is either, it is all about the table. This will probably make me buy Maille mustard next time I’m at the store, well done.

About Maille
Maille is a French brand of mainly mustards, pickles and vinegars. The company was started in Marseille in 1723 when distiller Antoine Maille sold vinegar in the streets. The coming years the mustards and vinegars gained in popularity and Maille was the dedicated supplier of vinegar and mustard to King Louis XV, Empress Catherine of Russia and to the Imperial Majesties of Hungary and Austria.

Today Maille is a part of Unilever and are sold all over the world. There are Maille boutiques in Paris, London, New York and of course Dijon.

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