Making Hot Dogs with a Caterpillar 308 Excavator

Making Hot Dogs with a Caterpillar

Making Hot Dogs with a Caterpillar, that is what the Norwegian gas station chain Statoil are demonstrating in this cool video. To promote their Real Hot Dogs they asked these two Finnish guys if it was possible for them to be making hot dogs with a Caterpillar 308 Excavator. It was.

Statoil is a Norwegian multinational oil and gas company. One part of the company is a chain of retail gas stations where besides taking care of your car and buying fuel you can also get a Hot Dog.

To promote their new Real Hot Dogs where they have updated their menu with better hot dogs, different toppings and a brand new menu Statoil thought they needed some extra attention. Therefore they asked excavator operator Juha-Pekka Perämäki to prepare a Real Hot Dog with a Caterpillar 308 Excavator.

You can watch the full clip above and sit back and get impressed because this require some serious skills, and according to Statoil Juha-Pekka did not fail once.

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