Man and Dog commercial for Coca-Cola

05/13/2015 • Ads

Coca-Cola finds big inspiration from the Disney short film in their new man and dog commercial, watch them both and judge for yourself.

Coca-Cola have released a new commercial where a dog owner takes a very excited dog for a walk, the owner seems pretty down and doesn’t seem to enjoy his walk with his dog. That is until he walks into a Coca-Cola machine and opens up happiness.

I really like this commercial but when I saw it for the first time it seemed kind of familiar, have I seen this before? Then I remembered Feast, a great short film released by Disney that was screened before last years hit film Big Hero 6.

Maybe it’s the dog and man thing that make this film seem so familiar or maybe I am right and both films are made by the same animators, either way they both look great. Watch below and judge for yourself. The clip for Feast is just a trailer but you’ll get the style of the film, and I’m sure you can check out the full film online somewhere.

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