Margot Henderson Short Film by Munchies

Munchies as in Vice Magazine’s food website have made a great short film about Margot Henderson of The Rochelle Canteen restaurant in Soho, London.

The film is an intimate portrait where we get to follow Margot through her days at The Rochelle Canteen. It is days filled with hard work, laughter, friendship and rustic genuine cooking. Margot Hendersons husband is Fergus Henderson of St John’s restaurant in London which was one of the pioneers in serving nose-to-tail food, this approach is also used by Margot and odd bits could turn up on the menu at The Rochelle as well.

Munchies are a great place to go if you love food or are interested in food culture, we have posted some of their great work here at ateriet before, please take a look. But first make sure you see the Margot Henderson short film right here.


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