Marinated Cucumber with fresh mint and lime juice

Marinated Cucumber with mint and lime

Marinated Cucumber with fresh mint and lime is a simple way of preparing cucumber could be used as a topping for tacos, Asian dishes and grilled meat or fish. Try it out.

This is a very simple way to make something a bit different with a cucumber, by only adding some roughly chopped fresh mint, lime juice, salt and pepper you get a completely different vegetable.

I like to do this for tacos or Asian dishes but you can also use it for grilled meat or fish.

Marinated Cucumber with fresh mint and lime juice

serves 4-6 as a side

1 cucumber
1 lime
10-15 fresh leaves of mint
salt, pepper

Peel the cucumber and then cut it into chunks, you can decide the size of the pieces depending on what you want to serve it with. For example if you’re making tacos make it a little bit smaller than if you’re serving it as a side for meat.

Roughly chop the mint leaves and combine with the cucumber, grate the lime using a microplane and squeeze out the lime juice and combine with the cucumber. Season it with salt and pepper.

You can eat it straight away but I prefer to let it rest for an hour or so to let the flavors get a bit more intense.

Other ways of marinating cucumber

This is a very easy way to make something more out of cucumber and you can of course make your own versions of this. Maybe try our version of the Momofuku quick pickles, get that recipe here.

Marinated Cucumber with fennel

Or if you’re not a fan of mint you can replace it with another fresh herb, dill, chives or parsley works great. Other ways of marinating cucumber that I really like is to slice it instead of cutting it into chunks and marinate it with a little bit of yoghurt and fresh lemon juice, it is a great side for steamed or grilled fish.

Marinated Cucumber


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