McDonalds brilliant new Ad

01/04/2015 • Ads

McDonald’s have just updated their famous tagline “I’m lovin’ it” by adding a bit more focus on the love bit. The plan from McDonald’s is to let this more positive approach inspire all its marketing.

The TV and digital ads have been created by Leo Burnett and is modern and classic at the same time, the theme is taking classic enemies and letting them spread love instead of killing each other. It is made in a style that will you think of the classic cartoons of Hanna-Barbera that is also the same style as a lot of modern graphic design.

The characters are classics that are recognised by the most of us but you probably won’t know them all, I’m guessing they have chosen characters to fit all ages. Before the final tagline “I’m lovin’ it” comes a new one that says “Choose Lovin’.

All of this is most likely a response in the slight fall in sales that McDonald’s have had the last year and I am guessing this will be a great campaign for the giant McDonald’s. Either way, the ad is great.

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