Check Out McDonald’s Clever Job Ads

Check Out McDonald’s Clever Job Ads

05/31/2018 • Ads

McDonald’s want more students to work for them. To make them want to they created a line of very clever job ads, let’s just say that you can get a chance at McDonald’s without prior experience.

I love these clever job ads that McDonald’s created. It’s so simple and cleverly done all you can do is simply to applaud whoever came up with this idea and then apply for a job at McDonald’s. At least if you live in Belgium and is a student since that is where the ads are used.

Check Out McDonald’s Clever Job Ads

Clever Job Ads

The ads which were made by TBWA Belgium come in three different versions, all with the same idea. Things has gotten mixed up. Instead of the right product in the right packaging, things got a little mixed up.

There’s ice cream in a burger box, fries in a McFlurry cup and a burger in a fry pocket. Besides that, the photos and ads look like any McDonald’s product photo, and that is one of the things that is smart about this. Under each product is the simple line. Students wanted. No experience needed.

Check Out McDonald’s Clever Job Ads

Why it works

McDonald’s is not the first company to come up with a similar idea. I’ve seen a few ideas that touches on this in the past. Why this works for McDonald’s is of course because their products are so familiar to us all.

We all get the clever job ads immediately, like it should be.

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Check Out McDonald’s Clever Job Ads

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