McDonald’s Emoji Ad – Everyone is an Emoji at McDonald’s

McDonald’s emoji ad, see this a bit strange commercial from McDonald’s France where everyone is an emoji.

In this new commercial for McDonald’s we see a car on its way for some takeaway at McDonald’s. They are passing other people and looking at the life on the streets, people hanging out, getting a shave and just socialising. There is just one twist, they all have huge yellow emoji heads instead of their normal sized human heads.

The commercial comes with the slogan “Venez comme vous êtes” which translates to “Come as you are”.

I’m not sure how I feel about this ad, it is very well done if you look at it in a technical way and the commercial is packed with small fun details like a fan putting on a Kiss T-shirt. Of course all members of this classic rock band are all depicted as emojis as well. Or the emoji heads turning red when two guests at McDonald’s decides to arm wrestle for the last Chicken McNugget.

But it is also a bit scary in a way. McDonald’s a mega company sees everyone as emojis. So are we all faceless consumers or what is going on? There is also something very unhuman with a commercial where all humans are masked, in a way it feels a bit scary.

Judge for yourself, how do you feel about this McDonald’s Emoji Ad?

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