Watch McDonald’s great commercials by Leo Burnett

06/11/2015 • Ads

Watch some of the great McDonald’s commercials by Leo Burnett.

Leo Burnett is the ad agency for McDonalds in the UK and they are doing some great work. We have picked out a few commercials for McDonald’s created by Leo Burnett in the last few months because we think they are worth an extra look. To see more of the work by Leo Burnett check out their website. For more on McDonald’s UK visit their website here.

This first one that you can watch on top is inspired a bit by famous director Wes Anderson or at least have a bit of the same feel to it. We love it. The thing that McDonald’s UK wants to point out is that their burgers are made of 100% beef, from whole cuts of beef from British and Irish farms. All farms have strict animal welfare and are accredited.


The second one follows the same theme, McDonald’s actually serve what they say and for their egg dishes they actually fries fresh eggs. Lovely idea to simply film this being made and show it how it is. For us this is two minutes of great marketing, without lies as it should be.


Third one is a bit cheesy but we still like it. Kids planting stuff that turns out to be planted images of cows, the McDonald’s logo, potatoes and a chicken to show what actually goes into the Happy Meal.



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