Meat Paintings by Scott Conary

scott conary meat painting

Artist Scott Conary have made still life oil paintings of meat one of his signature styles, and we love it.

These oil paintings of meat are made by artist Scott Conary who is living and working as an artist in Portland, Oregon. Scott is originally from the east coast and studied art at the Rhode Island School of Design.

After some moving around in the US, he and his family settled for Portland where he works as an artist. Scott paint almost exclusively with oil paint. Most of his art are still life of objects like meat, motorcycle parts, vegetables, herbs but also landscapes paintings.

meat painting by scott conary

Luckily for all of you Scott can be contacted through his website if you are interested in buying any of his work, some of which are available as signed prints. To answer the question about why Scott chooses to paint mainly meat we leave you with this quote from Scott’s website.

The question most asked is, “Why meat?” The glib answer is “you can only paint so many pears.” The longer answer is that a piece of meat can be stunning and intriguing. We have a much more complicated reaction to a portion of lamb than we do to that pear. We are ourselves, after all, meat. We’ve built cultures around the animal as part of the family meal. But no matter that history, no matter how intricate the shapes and colors of the bone, muscle, fat and gristle, we are keenly aware that is part of a once living thing. It’s beautiful, desirable, and it’s unclean.

painting of meat scott canary


meat scott canary

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