Cook Sous-vide with your Smartphone with Mellow Sous-Vide

12/21/2015 • Food Culture

We’ve just discovered Mellow Sous-Vide, a sous-vide machine that allows you to prepare and cook your meal using your smartphone, sounds clever, let’s find out more.

Now sous-vide and its popularity have more or less exploded in the last few years. Sure it has been available from the industry and sold to restaurants for quite some time and many restaurants have been using it for a long time by now. There also seem to be an increasing amount of sous-vide products in stores. And a lot of expensive equipment have been for sale to the ambitious home cooks for some time. Even though you can cook sous-vide at home without any expensive equipment at all. That is something we have guided our readers to before, check that out here.

Mellow Sous-Vide

But Mellow seems to be one of the first sous-vide machines on the market that is targeting the everyday consumer and not just the foodies. And they have some great features that we haven’t seen before. Let’s check them out.

  • First, the Mellow Sous-Vide can be operated with your smartphone, you simply put the food you want to cook in the bag and add it to the Mellow. Set how you want it cooked and when it should be ready, Mellow will start cooking when the time is right.
  • Mellow uses self sealing bags, this means you don’t need to invest in a vacuum sealer, the bag itself takes care of that.
  • Mellow keeps the food cold until it’s time for it to start cooking. This means that you can prep your sous-vide hours before its time to eat. Very clever.

Mellow Sous-Vide

Now there are some issues though. Mellow can only hold one item, this means that you’ll still have to make other parts of your meal in a different way or with the same heating time and technique. If the Mellow would have had two compartments heated separately that would have been even better.

Either way, it is exciting that the sous-vide technique is working itself into people’s homes, to read more about the Mellow Sous-Vide you can visit their website here.

Mellow Sous-Vide

Mellow Sous-Vide


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