Miit Food Design Studio

food design studio miit

Meet Miit, a French food design studio with focus on creating unusual ways to serve and eat food. Miit creates unique eating experiences where the diners often need to put in a bit of effort to be able to actually eat anything.

Miit Food Design Studio does exhibitions, brand events, dinners, creative recipes all with a fun touch that let the guests interact with the food. How about making your own tapas skewers? Or maybe smashing some cookies with a hammer before adding it to your dessert?

Miit Studio was founded in 2013 by Leah Bougeault and have been going strong ever since, to maybe hire them or look at more photos from their fun projects head over to their site.

They also have a fun blog with recipes in the same fun spirit called Les Miitonnées that is worth a visit as well.

food design by miit

miit food design studio

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