Mouth watering baking videos by Carte Noire

05/27/2015 • Ads

The French coffee maker Carte Noire have made some mouth watering baking videos based on colors that you need to see.

These videos made for the French coffee company Carte Noire are a few years old but if you missed them then or missed them completely now you have the chance to see them again. And believe us when we say that you won’t regret it.

This series of recipe videos are based on colors and are shot in close ups with only some soft music and the cooking happening, you won’t see any humans at all in the videos, only great looking food. Since Carte Noire is a coffee company there are of course coffee in all the desserts.

The four videos based on colors are:

The Red that you can see above is a Raspberry Mille-Feuille with coffee.

The Green one with a Pistachio Tiramisu with coffee sugar.

The Pink one with a Petit Chou with coffee cream.

The Yellow one with a Mango Espuma with coffee caviar.

All videos should be watched right now, but don’t blame us for that sugar craving that is bound to follow.

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