Mugaritz Stop Motion

mugaritz stop motion video

The famous Spanish restaurant Mugaritz and its chef Adoni Luis Adoriz have always gone their own way and kept their food somewhere in between food and art. That’s why there is no surprise that is just them who have just released this cool stop motion film when they are doing… well I’m really not sure but it would be great to get a bite. And the Mugaritz stop motion video doesn’t get any worse when you get to hear some Kraftwerk playing while looking.

And that is just what you could expect, not everything is what it seems when it comes to the food of this highly innovative and creative restaurant. For example, by taking a look at their current menu you would be tasting… well you would have no idea before you sit down by the table. All you can be sure of that it will test what you think food is and it will come in 24 servings.

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