My Dad Hershey’s Commercial will leave you in tears

02/07/2016 • Ads

My Dad is the name of this new Hershey’s commercial that might leave you in tears, I came close myself so watch it and see how you’ll do.

There is so much I love about this new My Dad Hershey’s commercial. The commercial is about a busy dad working from home and his daughter that the dad has no time for since he needs to sit in on different online meetings.

The bored out and lonely daughter then leaves the house and prints a cardboard life size version of the dad, stocks up on Hershey’s, marshmallows and graham crackers. Once home again the dad and daughter uses the cardboard dad to dodge a meeting and together they make S’mores instead.

We everything about this, sure things are a bit sentimental but if you take a short break from the cynical you then it is just great.

What I like extra much is that the whole commercial takes place in someplace that actually looks like the real world. Things are gray, rainy and somewhat dirty. The dad has to work, we all get that but they dodge for a quick S’more break. Hershey’s chocolate can only be found in speciality stores in Sweden but if I could get in anywhere I would go buy some just because of this commercial right now.

Last we also love the Higher Love song in the commercial, the original is sung by Steve Winwood, this ballad version is sung by Steve Winwood and his daughter Lilly Winwood. Available at Itunes now.

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