The Nudel Pasta Packaging Come With Nude People

The Nudel Pasta Packaging Come Nude People

This lovely Nudel Pasta packaging comes with almost nude people, it’s just a piece of pasta or two that hides the private parts, and it looks great. Let’s see it.

Nudel is a pasta concept by Chloe Hubler. It was really made a while back but somehow I missed it then and this is just so great I have to show just in case some of you missed it too.

The product is dried pasta, nothing special about that. It is a regular range of different shapes and types of dried pasta like Fusilli, Penne and Elbow Macaroni. But there is a fun twist to the packaging design, well two actually.

The Nudel Pasta Packaging Come Nude People

Nudel Pasta Packaging

The first that is different is the actual packaging. Instead of plastic bags that most pasta come in these comes in thick paper tubes. You can’t see the pasta without opening the tubes. That’s usually a bad thing but for these products I don’t think it matters, we all know how dried penne looks.

The upside of this type of packaging is that it doesn’t require any plastic and you can reseal it in an easy way. It does look like there is quite much material used so I guess that is the downside. The best part about it is, of course, the design.

The Nudel Pasta Packaging Come Nude People

Nudel Pasta

The illustrations of naked people covering up their private parts with different types of pasta are, of course, a play with nude as for nudel. They are all quite charming and no matter the flavor I would easily buy this if I was lucky enough to find it in stores. Great work by Chloe!

I covered a few other pasta packaging designs before. Why not take a look at these Spaghetti packaging designs or maybe these Pasta Box Packaging Designs. I even have one with just pasta sauces you might like as well. Enjoy!

The Nudel Pasta Packaging Come Nude People

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