Oh Fudge! Packaging

oh fudge

Oh Fudge! The famous phrase said by Ralphie in A Christmas story (or did he?) has got a new product with the same name.

The British candy company Bristow have with the help of brand storytellers Aesop created a cool and colorful packaging to an in other ways traditional candy.

Bright colors and a splashing font take up most of the packaging and in the background there are illustrations of fish and penguins to make the design complete.

The Oh Fudge! comes in three different flavors, Caramel & Sea Salt, Chilli & Chocolate and Apple & Cinnamon. So they have taking a traditional candy and making more modern both in flavors and packaging.

Below you can see more photos of the design and take a look at the classic phrase from “A Christmas Story”.

oh fudge oh fudge

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