Meet Oyster farmer Joël Dupuch

Nowness have once again produced a great video on food, this time we get to follow oyster farmer Joël Dupuch during a working day on the coast of south-west France.

In the video which is beautifully shot we get to see the harvesting and cleaning of the oysters as well as some mouth watering footage that probably will make you prepare some for yourself as soon as you can. And when doing so make sure to send a thought to the oyster farmer, he just spent four years farming what you’re about to swallow in a second or two.

If you don’t know how to prepare and oyster or are tired of serving it with the same old slice of lemon or shallots in vinegar you can take a look at our recipe where we pare oysters with grapefruit, red onion and chili.

If you liked the film about Joël you should also take a look at Nowness film with Massimo Bottura and the film on steak that we’ve posted here at ateriet before.


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