17 Great examples of Pin-Up Packaging in Food

Pin-up packaging

07/22/2015 • Packaging

Pin-ups as a term was created in the 1940’s and they have been a part of culture in many ways and forms since then. Along with the culture of the American 40’s and 50’s they have become an icon for this era. And some of these iconic pin-ups have found their way into the food world as well. So we have made a selection of Pin-up packaging for you. As always you can find a link to our original source under each pin-up.

17 Great examples of Pin-Up Food Packaging

Old Milwaukee Pin-Up Beer Can

Let’s start out with a beer, this pin-up beer can for Old Milwaukee looks pretty cool to us. (source)

Roller Derby pin-up packaging wine bottles


Cute Roller Derby pin-ups for an Australian winemaker, great stuff that would fly off any shelf. Lets just hope we can find it in a store someday.


Pin-Up girl espresso packaging, for the pin-up girl coffee chain


Pin-Up Girl Espresso are only the packaging of a full chain with the same name, read more on this project here.

Beer pin-up packaging, Perle beer set of three


Not only retro, these pin-up beer bottles for Perle actually look old, not just inspired by that style. (source)


pinup 10

Miss Big Foot is a bit more modern pin-up but it still very inspired by the old style. Read more on this here.

Lucky Strike vintage pin-up packaging

Lucky Strike might not be food but since you do consume it and this packaging is such a classic we still decided to have it here. If packs looked like this today I would consider starting to smoke again, so I guess its a good thing cigarette packs looks less inviting today. (source)


Chocolate pin-up packaging


Chocolate pin-up packaging, clever with a teaser label on top of each pin-up. (source)


Piehole whiskey pin-up packaging


This is only a small part of a pin-up packaging design for Piehole Whiskey. See and read more on this project here.


Sailor Jerry Rum Pin-Up Packaging, bottles and glass

Sailor Jerry are using the old style sailor tattoo styles to their brand. And it is impossible to do so without using the classic pin-up girl.


More chocolate pin-up packaging, these two are only a part of a full collection. (source)

pinup 4

Miss Mary’s is a Bloody Mary mix with a sassy pin-up on the label, we like it and it goes great with the sinful morning elixir as the Bloody Mary sets out to be.

Macario pin-up packaging bottles

Macario Retro Drinks have a full collection of cool drink pin-up packagings, see more here.

Coca-Cola Pin-up packaging can

This vintage pin-up packaging for Coca-Cola was made for Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary.

pinup 17

Street Art inspired cans with pin-ups for Perrier, lovely. (source)

Pin-up packaging for mobile café Woopidoo!

Woopidoo! is a mobile café food truck with a vintage pin-up design, this project is worth having an extra look at here.

Fishwives pin-up packaging with pin-up on top of a fish on a wine label


Fishwives is a collection of wine labels where pin-ups sit on top of different types of fish, makes perfect sense in winemaking right? Check out more here.



Coca-Cola vintage pin-up packaging


These old Coca-Cola pin-up cans have a bit different style of pin-ups. You can see more of these old styles here.

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