A Pizza Box Designed For Eating In Bed

A Pizza Box Designed For Eating In Bed

Boston Pizza came up with the best idea for Father’s Day ever. A pizza box designed for eating in bed. Let’s see how it works, and where you can get one.

A pizza box designed for eating in bed, at first that doesn’t sound like much. But once you’ve seen this clever solution my guess is that you will line up to get your hands on a box just like the rest of us.

The idea of the box is quite simple. It’s like a regular pizza box but you can unfold it so you’ll get an opened pizza box with legs. Much like a breakfast tray that you can have in bed. With it you can keep binging the latest great show on Netflix while eating pizza, preferably from Boston Pizza I guess.

Only for Canadians

The downside of this idea is that it’s just a promotion for Boston Pizza and it’s only available in Canada. Which means we’ll need to get there, eat our pizzas in bed the way we normally would or make our own pizza box in bed creations. I’ve got a feeling I could make that happen with a roll of duct tape and a few minutes.

Even though it’s probably too late to get your hands on one of the bed boxes you can check out the campaign in full here.

A pizza box designed for eating in bed is far from the only pizza innovation I covered here before, just to name a few you can check out this book filled with food puns, many with pizza.

I also made a collection of other pizza packaging designs that won’t work in real life, not that far from the box made for eating in bed.

Lastly, you will need to cut that pizza, why not get a different type of pizza cutter.