Check Out This Playful Hot Sauce Packaging Design

Playful Hot Sauce Packaging Design

My knowledge of the Russian alphabet is a bit rusty so I don’t know what it is called. But it certainly is a playful hot sauce packaging worth to take a look at.

Hot sauce packaging designs are often very similar to each other, just take a look if you decide to visit one of those hot sauce stores you find sometimes. Rows and rows of almost identical glass bottles that all brag about how hot they are. I did put together a list of 50 really great ones a while ago that you might want to take a look at.

Playful Hot Sauce Packaging Design

Different Types of Hot Sauces

This design is something else, not just in how it looks, it is different in what is inside as well. Let’s start with what is inside the jars. Instead of the regular types of chili that is the most common thing in hot sauces these offer something else. Horseradish, mustard and Adjika.

I think we all know both how horseradish and mustard taste like. Adjika is unknown to me, but after spending some time on Google I found out that it’s a Georgian-Abkhaz chili dip, hopefully, I can get to try it someday.

What the sauces are not really that important, what I like is that they are a bit different from the regular stuff. Now let’s take a look at the packaging, because that really stands out.

Playful Hot Sauce Packaging Design

A Playful Hot Sauce Packaging Design

The sauces come in a plastic jar that has the same shape as a soda can. Instead of opening it by the traditional soda can lid there is a pull-off label in steel foil. The pull off is shaped like a tongue and is bright red to illustrate the hotness of the sauces.

What I like about this is how it stands out, both with the products and the packaging. As you can see they haven’t covered it up with a bunch of graphics either. The sauce is clearly the hero in this case.

Playful Hot Sauce Packaging Design

The only downside to this packaging is that I’m not sure that it can be resealed, I’m guessing not everyone uses everything every time.

For more on this design head over here.

Playful Hot Sauce Packaging Design