Radishes with Cream Cheese Dip – 5-Minute Delicious Snack

radishes with cream cheese

Radishes with Cream Cheese dip is a simple way to use this often overlooked but great vegetable. Learn this simple 5-Minute delicious snack and learn a few other great ways of using fresh radishes.

Radishes are a great spring vegetable that usually gets tossed in salads, shaved on top of things to add a bit of crunch or simply overlooked when you’re shopping for vegetables.

But you shouldn’t do that, overlook them I mean. The radish is a great little vegetable, filled with flavor and crunch they can be used in more ways than the traditional ones.

Simple Ways of Serving Radishes

Before we’ll get to this recipe I just want to give you a few tips for serving radishes.

  • With some salt with charcuterie – Wash them, maybe cut them in half and serve them with charcuterie, put a bit of olive oil and flaky salt on the side, dip and eat. Delicious!
  • With cheese, basically, the same idea as for the charcuterie, radishes pair great with cheese. Especially matured hard cheeses like cheddar or Swiss.
  • Use the leaves! The leaves that hopefully attached to the radishes when you get them should not be wasted. Use them in salads or sautĂ©e with some butter.

And if you don’t want to do any of the above then use my simple radish recipe and serve some radish with cream cheese. It can be used for buffets or as a side or snack to any meal. If that’s not enough I made a few other radish recipes since I originally posted this recipe. Why not try this recipe with shrimps, dill and radishes or this perfect spring dish with smoked salmon, horseradish cream and radishes. They are all delicious and quite simple to make, now let’s cook!

Radishes with cream cheese

cream cheese
mixed fresh herbs, chives, dill, parsley, chervil
olive oil
fresh radishes

Wash and rinse the fresh radishes so there are no sand or dirt left. Mix the fresh herbs and garlic into a paste in a blender or mixer. Combine the mixed herbs and oil with the cream cheese.

I use about one clove of garlic to half a cup of herbs and then add the cream cheese little at the time. About two or three parts of cream cheese to one part mixed herbs is about right. Good luck and next time you’re in the grocery, pick up some radishes.

radishes with cream cheese on black background

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