Raising Shrimp Documentary

shrimp through microscope

Shrimp is the most popular seafood in the USA and probably in most of the world where seafood is enjoyed. But most of the shrimp is imported, both to the US and Europe, most of it comes from Asian shrimp farms that is very bad for the environment. Also shouldn’t a huge country like the US be able to farm their own shrimp and not have to be dependent on imported shrimp, and also hopefully do it in a more eco friendly way?

That is the question that Ted Caplow and Andy Danylchuk decided to try to answer, in the documentary Raising Shrimp they set out on a search for a shrimp that we can believe in and that will be kinder to our planet. They talk to fishermen, importers and environmentalists and follow the shrimps journey through the world.

To find out where to see the film visit the Raising Shrimp website and if you are interested in the fishing industry the team behind Raising Shrimp have released another documentary about the fishing industry called Fish Meat, watch the trailer for that below.

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