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relae cookbook a book of ideas

The Relae cookbook is probably one of those books that you missed last year, at least that’s one of the books I never got around to buying last year. So now it is time to better ourselves and get some new inspiration from one of the most celebrated restaurants last year (and a few years before that).

The Relae cookbook is of course the book about the food from the restaurant Relae in Copenhagen, Denmark. The restaurant was opened by former Noma chef  Christian Puglisi in Norrebro in Copenhagen in 2010. The neighbourhood is not one of the most exclusive in Copenhagen but it is not as run-down or crime ridden than you might read on other places. It is just not the kind of neighbourhood where you expect to find a great restaurant.

Ok, back to the book. It is not that simple that it is just a recipe book. It is a book of ideas where we get to follow Christian Puglisis ingredients, techniques and philosophies around how the food is created and how the ideas are being used. So this is not the type of book you read from a to b but more a book of creative ideas and how you can use them and keep jumping back and forth between the stories on food and how the food at Relae comes to be.

Luckily Crown Publishing have made a preview available that you can take a look at below. But the best thing to do is to actually go and have  meal at Relae. It is a great food and wine experience that won’t empty your wallet completely, Relae keep its prices very low in relation to the quality.


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