Saints and Sinners Cookie Packaging Allows You To Indulge

Saints and Sinners Cookie Packaging Allows You To Indulge

The Saints and Sinners Cookie Packaging really allows you to indulge. They are greedy, happy and mysterious and the packaging looks great.

A cookie brand which is greedy, mysterious and happy. You don’t hear that every day. Most of the time they are just trying to sell us cookies, not a hard sell when it comes to me but still.

The Saints and Sinners cookie packaging looks great. The cookies comes in a small metal jar, the type which you buy paint in. This is a small packaging trend now that I have seen a few other times. Both for sauce and butter but this is the first one for cookies.

A black label covers the full side of the can and on it is a bold type which encourages us to have a cookie. That you deserve to treat yourself to a great cookie.

Saints and Sinners Cookie Packaging Allows You To Indulge

Besides the good design there are also some other nice details like the short text on the backside which lets us know that the cookies contain gluten, soy and milk products. A clever way to inform us without trying to “hide” it in the ingredient list. Honesty always pay off.

Once you’ve ate the last cookie you are also invited to get some more by the text printed on the inside bottom of the can.

Below you can read what Saints and Sinners really mean with their Greedy, Mysterious and Happy. The design is made by Maria Rutherford, check out more on this project here.

Saints and Sinners Cookie Packaging Allows You To Indulge


Saint’s and Sinners are first and foremost greedy, and they are proud of it. Greedy is expressed through the tone of voice projected
across all touchpoints. Our words are projected in a way which animates that quiet little greedy voice we all have hidden inside us.
The little voice which says ‘just one more’ and ‘…I deserve this right?’. The typeface, and shape of the packaging also emphasise this
trait with their bold chunky appearance.


This trait is expressed through packaging designs of the cookies challenging the traditional style of cookie packaging in both form and experience. To discover the flavour of the cookie, once bought you must peal back the sealed label upon the lid to reveal the flavour. An additional quirk to the packaging is in the hidden cheeky little messages which are revealed throughout the packaging experience eg; small little messages by the nutritional information, and the inside bottom of the tub.


We may be greedy, we may be mysterious but we are also a genuinely happy brand.
We express this is visually through our fun use of bright colours and typefaces.

Saints and Sinners Cookie Packaging Allows You To Indulge

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