Diving for Sea Urchins

sea urchin opened

Learn a little bit about this delicacy from the ocean and see how they are harvested.

Sea Urchins are a popular alternative seafood to those lobsters and langoustines at a lot of great restaurants these days. With its tough outside but very tasty and special inside they are a treat you absolutely should taste if you get a chance. You can also get it a good sushi restaurants, then it is often called Uni and comes with a high price tag.

In this video CNN takes us on a diving trip to get to see how they are picked by a diver. Its not exactly high tech, what the divers do is simply to dive down and scrape them off the rocks. The biggest part of the fishing is to know where to go to find the good ones, and that type of knowledge usually comes after being great at something.

Sea Urchins are part of the Echinoderm family which includes sea cucumbers, sea stars among others. They are some form of Sea Urchins living in all the big oceans and some species can live as deep as 5000 meters. There are about 950 different types of Sea Urchins.

What usually is eaten when consuming sea urchins are the roe, sometimes called corals. It is a part of many countries cuisine. The Mediterranean countries, Japan, South America and even the Alaska native population are all enjoying these ocean treats.


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