The New Snickers Crisper Commercials is a must see

The New Snickers Crisper Commercials is a must see

Watch these two new Snickers Crisper Commercials, they show you just how important it is to keep focused in important situations.

Snickers have been going strong for quite some time with their “You’re not you when you’re hungry” for some time now. We do like all those ads and commercials and Snickers have been on a good run with them.

But we really like their new Snickers Crisper commercials that they have just come up with. There are two different commercials that shows how important it is to be focused in important situations. During the commercials there are also two new words that are being invented. Watch and enjoy.

About Snickers Crisper

The Snickers Crisper is a new product that was launched late in 2015, it is a combination of crisped rice and peanuts with caramel which is coated with milk chocolate. Snickers Crisper is sold both as a bar and in snack sized square pieces.



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