Sniffing Chocolate

Feel like sniffing something at your next party but don’t feel like damaging your body or breaking the law? Start sniffing chocolate, that’s right Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone have created the Chocolate Shooter and sold 25,000 chocolate shooters. You can watch the Chocolate Shooter in action above in the clip from The Guardian.

What you are sniffing is not chocolate but cocoa powder mixed with mint, ginger or raspberry the chocolate sniffer lets you enjoy all the aromas of chocolate without actually eating it.

The chocolate sniffing device was created in 2007 for a Rolling Stones party and have since been exported to USA, India and Russia among others. It is available to buy right here.

Only thing we all want to know now is how did The Rolling Stones react when they were told someone had created a sniffing device for their party and it turned out to be a chocolate sniffer?

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