Super Bowl 2015 Food & Drink Commercials

We are only hours away from Super Bowl 49 where Seattle Seahawks will take on the New England Patriots but that is not the only battle that will take place on Sunday. The battle over who has the best commercial is at least as big and for all commercial junkies and anyone who work or take any interest in marketing and great ads this is Christmas Eve.

Since Äteriet takes its focus on food we have rounded up some of the best commercials that are related to food and drink that will be aired tonight. Note that this is not a complete list and some advertisers did not pre-release their commercials to create the extra buzz, but here are our favorites so far, and some not that great ones. Look at our Super Bowl 2015 Food & Drink commercials.


Bud Light, Real life PacMan, #UpForWhatever

Bud Light keeps going with their #UpForWhatever campaign, this year one lucky guy gets to play real life PacMan. If you don’t remember last years great one, it is available at YouTube.


Budweiser, Lost Dog

The Lost Dog commercial for Budweiser is less fun and more sentimental than the Bud Light, but if dogs and horses are your thing, then this one is for you.


Carl’s Jr. Charlotte McKinney All-Natural, Too Hot For TV Commercial

Well, sex sells I guess. Incredibly sexist of course, but since it was available at Youtube about one week ago it got over 6 million views, so my guess is that no one is complaining at Carl’s Jr.


EAT24, Hangry

EAT24 took some help from Snoop and Gilbert Gottfried for their commercial for online food shopping.




Snickers, The Brady Bunch

Snickers have made some commercials on the same theme before but this one has gone viral with the help of Steve Buscemi and Danny Trejo, love it. 5 million views in just a few days sound like a hit.


Doritos, Manchild

Doritos have become a genre of its own when it comes to great Super Bowl ads, each year they make the fans vote and submit their own ads. There are many great ones to check out, this is just one of this years.


Newcastle Brown Ale, Band of Brands

Newcastle Brown Ale teamed up with 37 other brands to afford a Super Bowl commercial, in your face advertising right there. Very creative and fun way to do something new.



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